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A collection of diverse projects demonstrating the creativity, spectrum, and intuitiveness of our work with both large brands like DraftKings and local startups like Operation36 Golf.

We Take Pride in Our Work

Every business has unique problems that can be fixed with the right software solution. At Lithios we believe that software should be intuitive, simple, and should solve these business problems. We strive to build the best possible solutions to our clients problems. Below are a few product solutions we have developed for startups and Fortune 500 companies.

Draft Kings White Logo

Smart Draft

DraftKings, a cross platform experience for NFL Daily Fantasy Sports, is the smartest and fastest way to draft. Users join contests and develop a team according to players’ salary valuations, which stem from historical accomplishments. Player data and ratings are aggregated in order to facilitate a seamless crafting process for your successful Daily Fantasy Sports roster. You have the ability to see how each player affects the team, but also be strategic in how you draft with the constraint of a $50,000 salary cap for a cash or tournament experience.

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Cadiant Touchscreen Controls

The Cree Lighting Cadiant Touchscreen Control's skylight and tablet application is a perfect testimony to innovation and execution in the world of IoT and smart lighting technology. Over several years the Cree Lighting engineering team developed an innovative, unique lighting array that can simulate a real skylight from clear skies, to cloudy, down to the movement of the sun in the sky throughout the day. Before releasing the product, the Cree Lighting engineering team brought in Lithios to develop a consumer facing tablet application that could match the years of innovation in the lights that it controls. The Cadiant Touchscreen Control's tablet integrates directly with Cree LIghting's world-class lighting systems to offer complete and advanced controls in a seamless, easy-to-use interface.

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Bayer White Logo

Bayer MeMood App

Often times mood can be an early indicator of physical or psychological ailments and side effects to medication and drugs. The innovation team at Bayer worked hand in hand with Lithios and the team at DxLabs to design and build a native iOS application designed to make tracking mood seamless and easy. We’ve built a custom mood tracker that simply requires the user to open the app and talk about their day. We use live facial recognition and audio tracking to read-between-the-lines and decipher meaning into what your body is saying. Coupled with a custom pain intensity tracker, we can analyze the facial and audio data to produce a daily mood report and summary. Finally, this is logged in a custom emoji-based calendar so you can quickly scroll through your history of moods.

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Bayer Product Mockup
Intel White Logo

Intel Drone Platform

Intel is addressing critical steps of the drone workflow to accelerate the path from accurate data to actionable insights. And now, their newest product will help harness this data to unlock business value. Lithios helped design and develop a drone data visualization and diagnostics platform to action on data in advanced ways. Available for select enterprise customers, the cloud-based platform will help drive unprecedented scale for commercial drones.

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Offline White Logo

Offline App

Discovering events and places in your city couldn’t be easier. When building Offline, the Lithios team worked with the Offline team to make sure every detail was accounted for. Users sign in through the app with Facebook and are instantly taken to a gorgeous feed of curated events in your city. Search through a plethora of filter options to find exactly what you’re interested in (lunch spots, cheap dates, running trails), bookmark or plan the event with calendar integration, and then upload a photo to “check-off” the experience and add it to your list of accomplishments.

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Operation 36 White Logo

Operation 36 Suite

The Op36 mobile and web platform is the most robust golfer improvement application on the market. Our robust web dashboard allows coaches to manage their golfers like never before and gives access to a wealth of advanced stats and player management tools. The custom Android and iOS apps allow golfers to engage with the golf community, log their rounds and practices, and watch custom video content to guide them through their golfer journey. Learning the game of golf has never been easier.

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MH Corbin White Logo

Connected Vehicles

The connected vehicles tablet and heads-up display mirror app is the perfect intersection of IoT and modern mobile frameworks. It was built in tandem with the Mechanical and Electrical engineering team of MH Corbin and consisted of connecting a phone or tablet to unharvested roadside information broadcasted by “smart” intersections to deliver realtime information about the stoplights and intersections to the driver.

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Silbo White Logo


75% of North American families with children have at least one playing organized sports and almost all of those have referees. The Silbo mobile app is a platform built to connect referees with those games. Using a Uber-like reservation system, referees can claim spots to upcoming games and get paid out through the app. Lithios worked with the Silbo team to build the mobile app from the ground up. The app uses modern mobile frameworks with integrations into Stripe payment platform and Auth0’s authentication ecosystem. Using this app, the Silbo team raised $1.3 million to continue serving this scalable industry.

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Coworks White Logo

Coworks App

Coworking spaces are the future of workplace. We built a smart and engaging platform for Owners and Managers of these spaces to efficiently and intuitively manage their members by using automated billing, room booking management, event rental components, and native member-focused mobile applications. As coworking members ourselves, we understood the pain points that members experience and were able to cultivate an experience that solves the pain points of running and operating as well as working at a coworking space.

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