This Season’s Best Tech Gifts

Your Tech Holiday Shopping List

With the holiday season fast approaching it’s time to start checking off gifts from your shopping lists. For those of you who leave your shopping to the last minute, you’re in luck. We’ve compiled a list of the season’s most unique tech gifts that cover a wide variety of interests. Whether the techie on your list is a gamer, golfer, foodie, or otherwise; we’ve got you covered with options that are sure to be a hit.

HP Sprocket Select Portable Photo Printer

This nifty handheld photo printer is the perfect gift for any social media obsessed person. It fits right into a pocket or purse and holds 10 sheets of special photo paper. There’s no ink cartridge so you don’t have to worry about it staining your clothes, and the photos are smudge, water, and tear resistant. The Sprocket Select features seamless Bluetooth connection to any smart phone as well as built-in filtering and photo editing with the HP Sprocket app. You can even take pictures of drawings and print them with a sticky back, perfect for making designer stickers. The HP Sprocket Select can be picked up for about $130.

Ooni Koda Outdoor Portable Pizza Oven

Everyone likes pizza and this portable oven is the easiest way to get perfect, restaurant-quality pizza at home without dropping thousands of dollars or building your own brick oven. The Koda is gas powered and easily fits on a small tabletop, great for outdoor patios or even camping trips. It features high-heat and a stone baking surface, optimal for baking pizzas or roasting meats, fish, or vegetables. The Ooni Koda is also fast and efficient, reaching desired cooking temperatures in less than 15 minutes with an easy-to-use adjustable heat control dial. At $300, the Ooni Koda is a small price to pay for consistently delicious food at home, picnics, camping, and more.

Bose Frames

These sweet frames combine Bose’s signature sound quality with a pair of fashionable sunglasses. This earbud-free design features miniature speakers built into the actual frame itself. They are angled to project the music directly into your ears while remaining virtually silent to everyone else around you. This allows you to enjoy your music without disturbing others while also staying aware of your surroundings. They connect with your smartphone via Bluetooth and feature an integrated microphone for easy handling of phone calls and access to your virtual assistant. If that isn’t enough, the Frames support Bose Augmented Reality- an innovative audio-only augmented reality experience. The Bose Frames will cost you just shy of $200.

GoGolf GPS – Wearable Golf GPS Rangefinder

The GoGolf GPS is a clip-on audio-based rangefinder that connects with your smartphone via Bluetooth. It fits on the brim of your hat or the arms of your glasses and works with over 30,000 golf courses around the globe. It’s water and dust resistant with a battery life to last you all day. With the tap of a button it can discreetly notify you of the distance to the green and/or the distance of your last shot via audio notifications. There is no subscription fee to use the service and the device itself will set you back less than $90. This is a great gift for any golfer looking to get an extra edge.

Dexas Ice-Ology Clear Ice Maker

This is a great gift idea for the cocktail and mixed-drink lover in your life. The Ice-Ology ice maker produces oversized, slow-melting, and perfectly clear ice cubes. If you’ve ever had a premium cocktail at a high-end bar, you’ll know that good ice makes all the difference. A single large sphere or cube of ice is not only very aesthetically pleasing, it also melts slower which reduces dilution. This results in a cocktail that stays cold for longer while maintaining its full flavor profile. For only $40, this is a cheap and convenient way to upgrade any home-bar setup to the next level.

Lumos Kickstart Smart Bicycle Helmet

The Lumos Kickstart combines the form of classic bike helmets with an array of modern safety features. This helmet is designed to keep you visible at night and when navigating city traffic. The Kickstart comes equipped with 48 colored-LED lights for 360° visibility. Using a small remote attached to the handlebars, the rider can signal left or right turns on the helmet with blinking lights that form a yellow pointing arrow. A built-in accelerometer detects when you slow down and automatically illuminates a bright red triangle on the back of the helmet, letting everyone know your intentions. It turns on with the touch of a button and is powered by a convenient USB rechargeable battery. On top of these new safety features, it is made from a comfortable sweat-wicking material and has 22 vents to keep you cool on a hot day. The full featured Lumos Kickstart costs $200 while the more minimalist Kickstart Lite will run you $130.

GrowlerWerks uKeg Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Growler

Everyone knows a coffee fanatic and the GrowlerWerks uKeg Nitro is the perfect unique gift to elevate their daily coffee experience. This portable growler has a 12 cup capacity (50 oz) and brings boutique quality, draft poured, nitro-infused, cold brewed coffee deliciousness to your kitchen counter. It’s rugged and portable, perfect for taking it to the office or on a camping trip. You can brew, pour, and store your homemade nitro cold brew for weeks while maintaining freshness and taste using the built-in nitro regulator cap. It’s double walled and insulated so your brew will stay cold all day long, even in hot temperatures. The nitro charges are convenient, easy to replace, and always result in a full cascading pour for a creamy texture and maximized taste. The GrowlerWerks uKeg Nitro will set you back $200.

JumpSmart 3-in-1 Portable Jumper

For the car lover, or anyone who just wants a little extra reassurance in their vehicle, look no further than the JumpSmart 3-in-1 Portable Jumper. This handheld portable car jumper can jump vehicles as large as boats or even big diesel trucks. It also functions as a USB charger to keep your phones and gadgets fully powered up for long road trips or in case you get stranded. Additionally it features an 8W, 330 Lumen LED flashlight that can reach nearly 500 feet. The flashlight has multiple modes including a strobe for self defense and an SOS for emergency situations. There is a lot of reassurance and comfort packed in this $120 package, well worth the cost for anyone who spends long periods on the road.

The Oculus Quest Virtual Reality Headset

Virtual Reality (VR) is poised to be the next big thing in gaming and the Oculus Quest VR Headset is the newest iteration of this technology. The Quest is the first all-in-one VR setup, which means that the player does not need to connect to a powerful computer or gaming system to enjoy virtual reality. The headset and controllers are self-contained and wireless, allowing for more freedom of movement and less restrictions on where you can set up and play. The Quest also has positional audio built right into the headset, eliminating the need for an extra pair of headphones. The motion tracking feels snappy and precise which translates into satisfying slashes, swings, throws, and grabs while you play. This brand new, cutting edge VR system starts at $399, a competitive price when you consider the costs of a new gaming system or PC.

Nkomax Keychain USB Charger

This mini USB charger does more than add flair to your purse or keychain, it is a stylish and convenient way to keep your device’s battery topped up while on the go. Hidden amongst the tassels are two cables; one for your phone and one for an external battery or charger. Rather than carry a bundle of wires and charging cables, just use this keychain to connect your phone to the battery for fast and easy charging. The Nkomax is a cheap and sleek way to free space in your purse, and at only $11 it won’t break the bank if lost or damaged.

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