The Top 10 App Features We Are Thankful For

Unique App Features

As Thanksgiving approaches, we wanted to highlight several app features that we are thankful for this year. Since the release of smart phones, companies have developed software to serve user needs. At the start of 2019 there were over 2.5 million Android and 1.8 million iOS applications on the respective application stores. These apps serve a variety of purposes from being utilitarian (ex. google maps) to entertainment (ex. Netflix) focused. Despite this plethora of applications, it is rare that organizations go above and beyond to develop features that provide the best possible user experience. Through this article we want to highlight some of the unique features that we appreciate.

Gas Pricing En Route

(Google Maps and Waze)

This is an older feature that was released in late 2015 but it still maintains relevant. Being able to be able to find gas along the route of a Google Maps trip is even more beneficial now that you can self-select the gas station based on baseline prices.

Dark Mode


With the most recent major update from Apple we were blessed with Dark mode for iPhone. Dark mode has been available on a variety of apps/technologies previously but now iPhone users can opt into this display preference.

Downloadable Video Content

(Netflix, Amazon Prime, Youtube Red)

Sometimes you want to watch Netflix on a plane or somewhere without access to Wifi. Downloading content and Smart Downloads from Netflix and other providers gives you your favorite content, even offline.

Mobile Online Check Deposit

(Various Banking Apps)

We feel this feature is under-appreciated. Do you miss the days where you had to go into a bank to cash/deposit checks? Neither do we, almost exclusively thanks to mobile check deposit. This feature potentially saved users hundreds of thousands of hours waiting in lines at the bank.

Document Scanning

(Apple Notes)

Another productivity tool that we appreciate is document scanning in Apple Notes. As Apple has actively made phones, cameras, and other devices obsolete, they decided to add scanners to the mix. Through the native notes app, you can scan documents and upload them to the cloud seamlessly.

Share the Wifi Password


Ever show up somewhere and have to beg for the wifi password to watch your favorite cat videos? Now instead of scrambling to find the password and enter in a 30 digit code, your friends can click one button to give you permission to connect.

Collaborative Playlists


As music lovers, we enjoy listening to playlists for specific events. Through this feature, it is possible to create these playlists together to share music back and forth within the office with all parties able to contribute in one centralized place.

Share Your ETA

(Apple Maps)

Do you ever wonder when your friends will arrive at your house? Now with shared ETA, you can plan for their arrival accordingly without having to constantly ask for their updated location.

Group Calls


The holidays are a great time to bring together family and friends both near and far. With FaceTime group calling, you can bring together several family members/friends all in one call, with video!

Skip Intro Credits

(Netflix and Disney+)

If you frequently binge tv shows on your entertainment platform of choice, you can now more efficiently watch your shows without having to rewatch credits or intro rewind sequences. Congratulations you now have that extra two minutes of your life back.

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