The Lithios Way


‘Beautiful code that never sleeps.’ That is the tagline that the original Lithios crew developed to represent not only what we stand for, but also how we accomplish it. For us, this symbolizes a way of life, not simply a work ethic or mission statement – though this definitely plays a role in there as well.

 The Intro

Lithios, LLC is a software development firm located in the Raleigh/Durham area. It was started by local NC State University computer science graduates who all share a passion for clean code and creative problem solving. We specialize in mobile app development, and have happy clients all over the Triangle area, ranging from small start ups, to growing businesses.


As you may have guessed by the tagline mentioned above, when we put our minds to something, there’s not much that stands in our way until we accomplish that goal, including sleep. We can’t help it; we’re wired that way. In school, during breaks and weekends, while most of the students were going out and socializing, we stayed in many-a-nights and kept typing away until we were satisfied with the end result.

We each started having these ‘coding sessions’ on our own time working on random projects and hacking things together. But throughout our years at NCSU we found each other and realized each other’s uniqueness and quirky features, and started working on projects together. Though Lithios was officially founded in September ’14, we’ve been working together well before that.

THE Internal Projects

Since the beginning of time, we’ve lived for side projects. These can entail a wide array of interests, mediums, and industries. The main requirement for a ‘side project’ is that it’s on your own time, not a school project or a work venture. So naturally, when our school projects turned into Lithios client projects, we still set aside time for internal projects. In this case, we now turned towards learning new technologies that interest us, and that ideally would be able to turn into small businesses of their own. Check out SnappyBird or Campus Cruizer for some examples of these internal projects.

The Future

At Lithios, we want to transform ideas into businesses. For being so centrally located in the Triangle, we won’t be happy until Lithios is the name brand for any and all development services. As for how to get there, you’ll find out soon enough…

DeShawn Brown Image

DeShawn Brown is the CEO of Lithios. He has a passion for developing intuitive product solutions for both startup and enterprise clients. In his free time he loves to weave sweetgrass baskets.

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