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As mentioned in my Lithios Moment, I absolutely love seeing the product of Lithios’ blood, sweat, and tears in the wild, taking life and building momentum in the real world. On October 7th, CAM (downtown Raleigh’s contemporary art museum) opened up the ‘Ties That Bind’ exhibition to the public. This was no ordinary exhibit, however; it was launched with a partnership with scanCandy, a local startup and loyal Lithios client.

scanCandy and Lithios

scanCandy is a local startup specializing in social media with an interactive layer that puts them above the competition. While on the surface scanCandy offers a newsfeed full of photos and a profile that links to a user’s references, there’s a lot more than meets the eye. You see, with each image scanned and uploaded to scanCandy, the uploading user can save a subsequent action that will be triggered when a user scans a technically similar image. The actions can be made up of sending a user to a specific web site, a video, their scanCandy profile, and even trigger a text or email to send. scanCandy has also been a loyal Lithios client practically since they incepted their idea on a napkin.

In September 2015, Red Gun Technologies, the parent company of scanCandy, approached Lithios with an idea for a ‘image social media platform on steroids’. Us, being the curious and intrigued group we are, leaned in a bit closer to hear their idea. After an MVP, multiple sprints to update their app with new features, and plenty of brainstorming meetings and celebratory dinners, scanCandy was ready to unleash their app to the world.

“The Ties That Bind”

The Ties That Bind is an exhibition (found at CAM through January!) by Precious Lovell that consists of 15 aprons representing lives of women through different styles and eras. It was a beautiful exhibit, and opening it during First Friday was a smart move on CAM’s part, as the museum was totally packed with Raleigh-ites braving the beginnings of Hurricane Matthew in order to see some exquisite art; they were not disappointed. I would highly recommend going to check out the exhibit before it closes in January.

scanCandy’s Role

The partnership between scanCandy and Lovell consisted of the aprons being uploaded to the scanCandy database and linked to an audio explanation of the particular apron by the artist herself, Lovell. This worked as such:

  • When walking into the exhibit, you got a pair of headphones.
  • Patrons were instructed to download the scanCandy app and launch it.
  • When walking past an interesting apron or piece of art, they simply snapped a picture of it through the scanCandy app.
  • The patrons would then be immediately linked to an audio recording, recorded by Lovell, talking about the apron scanned and her inspiration for it.
  • Seeing this in action was nothing short of breath-taking.

As Lithios, we simply helped create the technology and the mobile app itself that had infinite potential. But seeing this application of scanCandy in the wild, working flawlessly, and in such a beautiful way where the artist was able to individually talk to patrons about her thinking behind each piece of art was absolutely incredible. I had butterflies in my stomach throughout the whole experience. I couldn’t help but think ‘this is what I live for. We did this. We helped make this happen.’

Take It Home

Moments like the one described above give me fulfillment like one cannot imagine. Or maybe you can. Maybe you want to be the person to set up an exhibit in a museum with a new technology that gives patrons an interactive experience like they’ve never experienced. Or maybe you want to be the artist to provide patrons with a new way to be exposed to your art. Either way, let us help take you there.

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