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75% of North American families with children have at least one playing organized sports and almost all of those have referees. The Silbo mobile app is a platform built to connect referees with those games. Using a Uber-like reservation system, referees can claim spots to upcoming games and get paid out through the app. Lithios worked with the Silbo team to build the mobile app from the ground up. The app uses modern mobile frameworks with integrations into Stripe payment platform and Auth0’s authentication ecosystem. Using this app, the Silbo team raised $1.3 million to continue serving this scalable industry.

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The Uber for Referees

Silbo is the managed marketplace connecting amateur sports games with qualified sports officials. Through the mobile on-demand marketplace, officials can quickly find, reserve, and get paid for games all from the app. With integrations from several sports and leagues, Silbo has transformed an industry with Lithios-Powered Mobile Technology.

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On-Demand Referee Marketplace

Silbo has transformed the Officiating industry by providing the first mobile on-demand games marketplace. We designed an intuitive discovery system that allows you to quickly find games to officiate to make money. The ref exchange tab will show you a list of games near you, categorized by sport. Our custom filter page allows you to filter by date, sport, age group, and other relevant queries so that you can find the games that best match your skills.


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Referee Review

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Referee Review

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Innovative Modern Design

The Lithios team designed a world-class, modern design to match the disruptive innovation behind the Silbo platform. We created a sleek, card-based marketplace that uses subtle visual cues to train the user on interactions. We designed a color-coded system that enables you to decipher a sport category at a glance while browsing the marketplace. Our filters are simple and transparent, with intuitive iconography to guide the user on features.

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Cross-Platform Mobile Development

Mobile technology is the bread and butter of Lithios. For Silbo, we worked with the latest cross-platform technology to create an exceptional experience that works on both Android and iOS. Each platform is designed and developed to be intuitive and familiar on each ecosystem. We were able quickly and efficiently launch Silbo to as many people as possible.

iOS App

iOS App

Android App

Industry Transformed

At Lithios we prioritize working with Innovative and disruptive companies. We take great pride in working with companies that are creating an impact in their respective industries. After launching their mobile app, Silbo went on to raise over a million dollars in funding to take their product nation-wide. We excel in taking startups’ visions and turning them into viable, impactful products.

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