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The Problem It Solves

scanCandy answers the question of how can one post images or content on the internet without their content being plagiarized and used by someone else without permission. scanCandy accomplishes this by creating a unique fingerprint for each image you upload and allows you to link it to an action that you would like the image to represent. 

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scanCandy is a social media image sharing and scanning app that provides members a fun, safe, and easy way to add actions to photographs that will allow for new levels of communication, branding, and even commerce.  You can add Vines, Youtube videos, Flipagrams and any other url that you may want to load into a photo.  Any photo of a product that you sell can link right to the buy it page if you like.  The options are limitless. The content is yours, and the brand is you.

App Overview

How scanCandy Works

  • Sign in through Facebook or Twitter.
  • Upload your pics and tag them with custom actions.
  • Follow your friends!
  • Check out your newsfeed for the latest posts from your friends.
  • Like or comment on your friend's Candies after you viewed their actions!

Key Features

  • Sign in through Facebook or Twitter.
  • YouTube video implementation.
  • Import images from Instagram.
  • Social networking features such as following users, blocking, 'VIP' list, Likes, Comments, and a news feed.
  • Image recognition technology.
  • Integration with text messaging and email services to interact with users.
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UX Design

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iOS Development

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Unit Testing

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Deploy and Maintenance

Push Notification Icon

Push Notification

We use push notifications to inform users of updates in the scanCandy social-sphere. 

Instagram Icon

Instagram Integration

scanCandy allows you to import any of your existing Instagram pictures so you can tag them with your custom actions!

Image Recognition Icon

Image Recognition

We use image recognition to give each image a unique fingerprint and owner, meaning once a user uploads an image, no other user can claim it as their own. 

Camera Icon

Camera Integration

Custom camera integration to provide the user with a home-y and comfortable feel.

Client Testimonial

They offer ideas, but are not pushy and always want to deliver what the client is asking for by insisting on communication during every sprint.

Scott Carr,

Co-Founder Red Gun Technologies

App Summary

scanCandy makes images social by allowing users to tag their photos with custom actions. Text messaging, emails, and rich media integration lets you express yourself through your images.

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