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The Problem It Solves

Offline was created so that you never again have to ask yourself “What is there to do?”. Everyone should be in love with their city and should be able to easily find all of the great things their city has to offer. Offline offers a beautiful list of curated content that will help people get offline and go discover their city!

See how we built it.


In 2013, Offline was formed in order to make people aware of the best places and events in their city every weekend. The company developed a web application for users to browse curated events and which started gaining traction in the Raleigh area. In 2014 Offline reached out to Lithios in order to build and develop a native mobile application to take their company to the next level.

Over the course of 3 months, Lithios developed a fully featured, native iOS application for the company that greatly enhanced the features and experience of the web version. Today, Offline has expanded out to Durham, Chapel Hill, Charlotte, and Tennessee. They have over 85,000 active users on the mobile application.

App Overview

Front End Features

  • Sign in through Facebook.
  • Use your current location or choose from a list of cities.
  • Scroll through a curated feed of events and activities happening near you.
  • "Check off" events by uploading a photo from the event. View the most exciting local checkoffs via the "pulse" of the city.
  • Bookmark activities to plan for later. View your accomplishments and bookmarks in your custom profile.

Back End Features

  • GPS Core Location tracking.
  • Push Notifications for active user engagement and retention.
  • Facebook sign in and integration. AutoPost to Instagram.
  • Adobe Creative Suite rich photo editing.
  • Core Data integration for offline usage without internet.
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UX Design

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iOS Development

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QA Testing

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Deploy and Support

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Push Notification

We use push notifications to stay directly connected with our users. This enables for weekly updates on what’s new in the city and mass communications.

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Instagram Integration

Users can add rich and beautiful content into the Offline feed directly from their Instagram. Once your account is linked, simply post a pic with the hashtag “Offline” and it will auto post to the app. It’s like magic!

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We utilized the built in gps functionality of the phone so that we can show the greatest experiences near you at all times. Finding a place to walk for lunch couldn’t be easier.

Facebook Login Icon

Facebook login

We integrated Facebook’s mobile platform to allow users to login directly with their Facebook with the press of a button. Your profile and friends with Offline are there waiting for you as soon as you enter the app.

Client testimonial

On our work ethic:
“I thought that our team had good chemistry with the Lithios team. There was that hustle mentality to get it done and get it done right.”

On our quality:
“It’s so important to work with a firm like Lithios that understands that pixel pushing and that extra polish is not an insignificant detail. It’s THE detail.”

David Shaner,


App Summary

Discovering events and places in your city couldn’t be easier. When building Offline, the Lithios team worked with the Offline team to make sure every detail was accounted for. Users sign in through the app with Facebook and are instantly taken to a gorgeous feed of curated events in your city. Search through a plethora of filter options to find exactly what you’re interested in (lunch spots, cheap dates, running trails), bookmark or plan the event with calendar integration, and then upload a photo to “check-off” the experience and add it to your list of accomplishments.

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