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Discovering events and places in your city couldn’t be easier. When building Offline, the Lithios team worked with the Offline team to make sure every detail was accounted for. Users sign in through the app with Facebook and are instantly taken to a gorgeous feed of curated events in your city. Search through a plethora of filter options to find exactly what you’re interested in (lunch spots, cheap dates, running trails), bookmark or plan the event with calendar integration, and then upload a photo to “check-off” the experience and add it to your list of accomplishments.

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Your city, at your Fingertips

Offline was created so that you never again have to ask yourself “What is there to do?”. Everyone should be in love with their city and should be able to easily find all of the great things their city has to offer. Offline offers a beautiful list of curated content that will help people get offline and go discover their city!

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Discover & Engage

The Offline iOS app is the true source of “discovery” in a city. The Offline team has curated a human-approved list of the best things to do in your city. The Lithios team built a custom, native app to help users explore and discover all that their city has to offer. Through beautiful feeds, intuitive search and categories, and social integration, the user’s weekend plan is at their fingertips at all times.

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Api Integration

The Lithios team used the robust ecosystem of native iOS development to help integrate several libraries and features into the Offline app. Being a social app, we integrated Facebook Login for easy, streamlined account creation and security. We also leveraged the native calendar so that we can store events directly on your iPhone’s calendar app in one click. With the native gps we can also get your location to make sure we show you events that are closest to you in real life so that you can quickly find events on the go.

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Categories & Filter

A social media app has to be engaging and constantly provide relevant content. At Lithios, engaging mobile apps are our bread and butter. With Offline, we created a robust filtering, search, and category functionality to allow for seamless and constant discovery. Through the categories and filters, you can find the events that are the most interesting to you immediately without having to sift through irrelevant content. With the Offline app, finding your next experience has never been easier.




Experience is Mobile

At Lithios, we preach the importance of a mobile-first experience. The Offline team understood this and therefore was a perfect partner to create this beautiful iOS app. After launching the app, Offline saw a huge increase in users and engagement that allowed them to grow and close huge partnerships. Thanks to the mobile app, they were able to close millions in funding, post-launch. The way users experience things digitally is overwhelmingly mobile and increasing, so with this app, Offline remains on the forward edge of thinking.

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