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The Problem It Solves

Nicotrax was formed with one goal: taking down the number one cause of preventable death in United States, smoking addiction. After forming the company around this common goal, the founders set out to tackle this problem head on through an innovate hardware and software solution. They developed a cigarette “smart case” that uses bluetooth technology and custom sensors to track when a cigarette is pulled out of the box.

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With an innovative hardware solution, Nicotrax needed a team to develop their iOS app that would match their level innovation on the software side. Nicotrax teamed up with Lithios in 2015 to bring this solution to life. We developed a user friendly, feature rich app that communicates directly with the cigarette case via bluetooth and allows users to begin a state of the art cessation plan with custom usage charts, location data, and notifications. Together, Nicotrax and Lithios built a platform aimed to save lives.

App Overview

How Nicotrax Works

  • Sign in through Facebook or email.
  • Complete short smoking history questions.
  • Set target quit date and cost goal.
  • Pair app with Nicotrax smart case.
  • View customized daily, weekly, monthly smoke history and smoke location data.
  • Receive custom push notifications to alert when you reach smoke limit or enter risk zones.

Key Features

  • Core Bluetooth technology integration.
  • GPS Core Location tracking.
  • Push Notifications for custom alerts and feedback.
  • Facebook signin and integration.
  • Custom, hand built graphs to show daily cigarette consumption. 3rd party chart framework integrations.
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UX Design

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iOS Development

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Hardware Integration Testing

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Push Notification

We use push notifications to interact with users and alert them of their cigarette consumption relative to their habits. 

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We connect the app to a Bluetooth IoT cigarette case in order to track a user’s smoking habits. 

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A user’s location is used in the app to log where they are located when the cigarette case is accessed.

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Data Visualization

Given a large data set, we displayed it in ways the user could understand, in line charts of varying time frames, and on a map.

Client Testimonial

Over the course of a few months, [Lithios] integrated right into our team to build the product we wanted. We could tell that they had the technical knowledge to accomplish our goals, and were quick to take our feedback and make it happen.

Kyle Linton,

CEO, Nicotrax

App Summary

Develop a mobile application that can automatically pair and communicate with custom hardware via Bluetooth. Continually collect data points from hardware and location data to produce real-time graphs and charts. Use smoke and craving data to send custom push notifications to assist the user in their cessation plan. Provide an easy to use, user-friendly experience that reveals valuable data and updates for the user.

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