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Intel is addressing critical steps of the drone workflow to accelerate the path from accurate data to actionable insights. And now, their newest product will help harness this data to unlock business value. Lithios helped design and develop a drone data visualization and diagnostics platform to perform actions on data in advanced ways. Available for select enterprise customers, the cloud-based platform will help drive unprecedented scale for commercial drones.

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Enterprise Data Drone Management

Commercial drones are disrupting the oil and gas industry. By utilizing the Intel® Falcon™ 8+ system to conduct close inspections when operations are live and online, companies are realizing decreased downtime, reduced risk to workers, and optimized costs. Additionally, commercial drones are ideal for capturing visual or thermal images of flare stacks, underdecks, cooling towers and chimneys, and confined spaces.

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Image Data Visualization

An image is worth 1000 words. Lithios helped design a visualization platform that will process 1000s of drone image data and analyze it all in the cloud. Through advanced change detection technology, the app will highlight potential problem areas and save you time and keep your employees safe.


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At Lithios, we specialize in “Mobile-First” design and development. For every desktop experience, we make sure that there is an equally compelling mobile design. Our developers understand and work hard to code cross platform solutions. The Intel Drone Platform tool works across both desktop and mobile so that you can view important information on all of your devices.

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Visualizing the Future

At Lithios our job is to take your vision and turn it into reality. With Intel, we helped visualize their future in the data economy and create innovative products to showcase their advanced technology. The Intel Drone platform allows you to understand and visualize your business through the data you collect so that you can make better, faster decisions.

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