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DraftKings, a cross platform experience for NFL Daily Fantasy Sports, is the smartest and fastest way to draft. Users join contests and develop a team according to players’ salary valuations, which stem from historical accomplishments. Player data and ratings are aggregated in order to facilitate a seamless crafting process for your successful Daily Fantasy Sports roster. You have the ability to see how each player affects the team, but also be strategic in how you draft with the constraint of a $50,000 salary cap for a cash or tournament experience.

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Reimagining Fantasy Football

DraftKings is crafting a dynamic and transformative experience with their Daily Fantasy Sports platform. Fantasy sports isn’t new, but the founders created a daily experience that most fantasy players could only get throughout the 17 week season. Instead of season-long leagues, where you keep the same players and often watch as your favorite or best players endure injuries or differing performances, your team lasts only one week at a time.

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Enhancing the Brand

With a big brand comes a big responsibility. At Lithios, we specialize in helping companies both big and small create products that are an accurate representation of the company’s brand and vision. DraftKings, the world-wide leader in fantasy sports, wanted to take the brand that people know and love and create a new, modern experience. We used the core elements of their brand to create a product that brings a seamless and visually engaging experience.


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Game Selection

Draft Kings Game Selection Screen

Export Model Selection

Draft Kings Model Selection Screen

Drafting Players

Draft Kings Draft Players Screen

Intuitive Elements

Our designers are extremely detail oriented. We were tasked with not only “enhancing” the DraftKings brand, but also cultivating an intuitive experience for all. We created user-friendly icons, graphs, and UI Elements to provide the best on-brand experience.

Draft Kings Player Selected Element Draft Kings Remaining Salary Element Draft Kings Lineup Stats Element
Draft Kings Player Collapsed State Element Draft Kings Team Collapsed State Element Draft Kings Player Expanded State Element Draft Kings Player Selected Element Draft Kings Lineup Stats Element Draft Kings Remaining Salary Element
Draft Kings Game Selected Element
Draft Kings Game Deselected Element
Draft Kings Player Selected Elemen Draft Kings Lineup Stats Element
Draft Kings Player Expanded State Element Draft Kings Tab Element Draft Kings Filter Element Draft Kings Remaining Salary Element

Custom Animations

We designed and developed subtle and effective animations and transitions to provide optimal feedback and high fidelity polish to the Smart Draft application. Attention to detail separates DraftKings from competitors and creates a sleek, advanced finish.

Remaining Salary

Game Statistics

Expand Player Statistics

Drafted Players

Draft a Player

Mobile Responsive

At Lithios, we specialize in “Mobile-First” design. For every desktop experience, we make sure that there is an equally compelling mobile design. The DraftKings Smart Draft tool smoothly transitions across all screen sizes and device types, making the app truly accessible and responsive.

Lineup Drawer

Viewing Players

Viewing Players

Completed Lineup

Easier Drafting

In the hyper-competitive fantasy sports industry, DraftKings is ahead of the curve. With a valuation in the BILLIONS of dollars, it is critical for them to stay innovative and move fast. Lithios is the perfect partner for a big brand looking to innovate, move quickly, and enhance their product offering in the most cost effective way. With the Smart Draft tool, we helped making drafting easier and accessible to more people.

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