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The Problem It Solves

Drinking and driving is a prevalent issue on campuses everywhere. By providing a cheap and friendly alternative, Campus Cruizer aims to eliminate all excuses anyone would have to drink and drive. Cruizer is here to keep the bright minds of our future safe.

See how we built it.


Cruizer was founded in 2014 to provide as a safe ride service for students, by students. Cruizer aimed to provide a cheaper, friendlier, and more convenient alternative to taxis and other ride-sharing services with the goal in mind to eliminate all excuses anyone would have to get behind the wheel of a car while drinking. Sit back and enjoy a ride from a fellow student to get you to your destination. Cruizer creates a marketplace of students that can be both riders and drivers, keeping the roads of the campus safe and earning money doing it.

App Overview

How Cruizer Works

  • Sign in through Facebook or email.
  • Use your current location or choose from a list of cities.
  • Enter your destination as an address or select from a list of nearby places.
  • Track your drivers on a map as your approaches and get notified when they arrive.
  • Rate your driver and enjoy a cashless transaction by paying through the app.
  • Receive custom push notifications to alert when you reach smoke limit or enter risk zones.

Key Features

  • GPS Background Location tracking to track the drivers.
  • Google Maps and Foursquare integration to easily select your destination.
  • Push Notifications for active user engagement and retention.
  • Facebook sign in and integration.
  • Payment integration to connect your credit card or banking information.
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Branding and UX Design

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iOS and Android Development

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User Acceptance Testing

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Deploy, Marketing, and Expansion

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Push Notification

We use push notifications to notify drivers and rides as the rides and requests progress. 

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Payment Integration

Integrating with bank accounts and credit cards to allow riders to pay for rides and paying out the drivers. 

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Background Location Services

Using your current location to set the pickup location and using background location to track the drivers to find the closest driver. 

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Phone and Text Masking

Allowed for bidirectional communication between the rider and the driver using a masked number. 

Words from Lithios

CampusCruizer gave us a chance to build a full product from inception to a production-stage application used by hundreds of people. It taught us about scale, user experience, marketing, and full-stack development and maintenance, all while fighting drinking and driving.

Tomer Shvueli,

CTO, Lithios

App Summary

Cruizer is a ride sharing service to help keep college campuses safe. Cruizer makes it easy to get a safe ride from a fellow student.

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