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The Cree Lighting Cadiant Touchscreen Control's skylight and tablet application is a perfect testimony to innovation and execution in the world of IoT and smart lighting technology. Over several years the Cree Lighting engineering team developed an innovative, unique lighting array that can simulate a real skylight from clear skies, to cloudy, down to the movement of the sun in the sky throughout the day. Before releasing the product, the Cree Lighting engineering team brought in Lithios to develop a consumer facing tablet application that could match the years of innovation in the lights that it controls. The Cadiant Touchscreen Control's tablet integrates directly with Cree LIghting's world-class lighting systems to offer complete and advanced controls in a seamless, easy-to-use interface.

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Enterprise IoT

Cree Lighting is an industry leader in lighting technology (so much so that their Intelligent Lighting division was recently purchased for $300 Million). There are lots of studies on the effect that sunlight has on human wellness. Through the innovative skylight technology and tablet app, Lithios was able to help Cree Lighting bring sunlight to all.

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Software-Hardware Integration

Lithios was tasked with creating a consumer-facing mobile experience that integrated with the enterprise-grade technology and innovation of the Cree Lighting engineering team. Using our expertise in mobile IoT, we provided a seamless experience packed with a wealth of features. Our skylight tablet app integrates directly with Cree Lighting’s proprietary mobile gateway to have direct API access and communication with the lighting fixtures and sensors.

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Cree Dynamic Lighting Profile Mockup

Make it Look Easy

Our design team was faced with the challenge of taking an enterprise-grade brand and innovative hardware solution and creating a consumer-facing software application. Through a series of discovery, iteration, and expert user experience knowledge, we created an on-brand, beautiful application that simplifies the controls to the native hardware with a seamless onboarding experience.


Cree Lighting Onboarding Screen

Scene Selection

Cree Lighting Scene Selection Screen


Cree Lighting Controls Screen

Dynamic Lighting Profile

Cree Lighting  Dynamic Lighting Profile Detail Screen

Dynamic Lighting Edit

Cree Lighting Dynamic Lighting Profile Edit Screen

The Power of IoT

The Cadiant Touchscreen Controls tablet app offers full control and flexibility over the innovative Cree Lighting skylight hardware. The Skylight Light simulates a real skylight experience, taking you from morning to evening with a myriad of rich blues, oranges, and color intensities. Users can update their lighting preferences in real time through the tablet controls. We focused on giving instant feedback through animations, transitions, and a smooth experience.

Intuitive Customization

The Cadiant Touchscreen Controls tablet allows users to have full customization of their lighting preferences. We make it super easy to create templates and preferences so that you can customize the room and your lights to your liking.

Simulating the Sun

At Lithios we love demonstrating how mobile technology paired with IoT can provide a more convenient experience for the end user. Through a revolutionary dynamic lighting profile, users have the full power of the sun's rhythm at their fingertips. Cree Lighting is an industry leader in engineering, and the Lithios team was happy to help them actualize their technology through software.

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