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Coworking spaces are the future of workplace. We built a smart and engaging platform for Owners and Managers of these spaces to efficiently and intuitively manage their members by using automated billing, room booking management, event rental components, and native member-focused mobile applications. As coworking members ourselves, we understood the pain points that members experience and were able to cultivate an experience that solves the pain points of running and operating as well as working at a coworking space.

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Multi-Platform Coworking Management Solution

Coworks gives you a powerful, yet intuitive interface to manage your coworking space. Say goodbye to cluttered spreadsheets. Say hello to simplicity. This super robust platform allows you to effectively manage and retain your members, while putting everything in one place.

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Multi Platform

The Coworks platform is the first truly integrated and complete workspace management and experience platform. Everything that you need to manage members and a community is available through a manager dashboard, custom member mobile apps, and conference and front desk tablets. Everything works together seamlessly. We’ve designed and developed custom experiences designed to truly work across all platforms. Our development and design teams were able to create streamlined experiences across mobile, desktop, and tablet that remains in sync and consistent.

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Iphone App

Coworks Native Iphone App

Android App

Coworks Native Android App

Room Booking Ipad App

Coworks Room Booking Ipad App

Front Desk Ipad App

Coworks Front Desk Ipad App

Web App

Coworks Web App

Manager Experience & Design

We designed the Coworks dashboard to give community managers a seamless experience to aggregate, access, and utilize their member data. With the power of our dashboard, managers can manage the day-to-day operations of their business while collecting data on their members. With access to this information, managers can maintain a steady understanding of the health/growth of their coworking communities.


Coworks Web Dashboard Screen


Coworks Web Leads Screen


Coworks Web Plans Screen


Coworks Web Rooms Screen


Coworks Web Payments Screen

Member Experience & Design

We designed the Coworks member experience to give users a one-stop-shop to access and utilize their coworking resources and space. Through the mobile application users can handle all of their billing, room booking, event access, and all other information with their membership. Creating a simplified user experience for members is critical in ensuring continued engagement and success of these developing coworking communities.


Coworks Mobile Dashboard Screen

Event Detail

Coworks Mobile Event Detail Screen

Member Directory

Coworks Mobile Member Directory Screen


Coworks Mobile Bookings Screen


Coworks Mobile Bookings Screen


Coworks Mobile Resources Screen


Coworks Mobile Profile Screen

Analytics & Data-Driven Decisions

Data is knowledge. Knowledge is power. With our end-to-end software platform we are able to track and display incredibly useful analytics and trends. We built powerful graphs, metrics, reports, and dashboards to display vital data to the managers so that they can constantly improve their workspace. You can view real-time data on growth, revenue, projections, and space utilization so that you can make responsible, data-driven decisions.

Coworks Memberships Analytics Element Coworks Recent Members Analytics Element
Coworks Total Members Analytics Element
Coworks Total Bookings Analytics Element
Coworks Membership Growth Analytics Element
Coworks Booking Growth Analytics Element
Coworks Member Growth Analytics Element
Coworks Conference Room Usage Analytics Element
Coworks Upcoming Events Analytics Element Coworks Billing Analytics Element
Coworks Total Members Analytics Element
Coworks Total Bookings Analytics Element
Coworks Recent Members Analytics Element
Coworks Total Companies Analytics Element
Coworks Total Events Analytics Element
Coworks Company Growth Analytics Element Coworks Recent Companies Analytics Element Coworks Memberships Analytics Element Coworks Membership Growth Analytics Element

Automation & Integrations

The cross-platform Coworks suite is designed to be the full-service system for running a coworking space. Our powerful platform can automate tasks through software, while integrating with the most critical systems. We’ve created powerful integrations with keyless entry systems, CRMS, billing systems, email marketing systems, and scheduling systems. Through the power of custom integrations and automation, it truly brings together every workflow to create an ‘all in one’ solution that is incredible efficient. Our world-class developers work behind the scenes to leverage the power of APIs and automation to produce enterprise-grade platforms.

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You build the community. We build the software.

The Lithios team has become a staple for innovative software. Our team is able to pair with innovators, entrepreneurs, and community builders and provide them with the elite team necessary to produce disruptive software. We take pride in building the absolute best in software platforms. Together we turn vision into action that can make a lasting impact on a community.

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