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The connected vehicles tablet and heads-up display mirror app is the perfect intersection of IoT and modern mobile frameworks. It was built in tandem with the Mechanical and Electrical engineering team of MH Corbin and consisted of connecting a phone or tablet to unharvested roadside information broadcasted by “smart” intersections to deliver realtime information about the stoplights and intersections to the driver.

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Enabling the Future of Transportation

The partnership of MH Corbin and Lithios is paving the way for smarter and connected transportation. Through several projects, the Lithios and MH Corbin team are providing smart and intuitive platforms for the Department of Transportation as well as creating public interfaces for your everyday driver to help them understand both the roads and the surrounding transportation infrastructure.

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Industrial IoT

The MH Corbin team has a long history of solving real world transportation infrastructure problems through the use of coordinated efforts towards making the roads and highways we all use smarter and safer. In partnership with the DOT and with continued efforts in IoT, MH Corbin has historically relied on Lithios as its trusted mobile app vendor for several customer interfaces to sophisticated hardware.

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Innovative Responsive Design

The connected vehicles project was one that had two different target audiences on two different platforms. Not only did we have to design an interface that provided meaningful experiences for those parties, but we also had to create intuitive designs on different mediums. The first was a mobile tablet which has a view for offline maps as well as a debug window for Engineers using the app to ensure the intersections are set up appropriately. The second device type we had to plan for was a simpler mirror based screen which provided an interface with minimal distractions for the driver. The latter was intended to be used to get only essential information about your environment while the tablet mode was aimed at the more savvy user.

Map Current Lane

Connected Vehicles Map Current Lane Tablet Screen

Map Switched Lane

Connected Vehicles Map Switched Lane Tablet Screen


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Debugger Filter

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Real World IoT Impact

With the recent technological shift, drivers are continuously finding themselves distracted from the road. With an annual 1.25 million deaths related to car accidents every year, Lithios takes road safety very seriously. In partnership with MH Corbin, the dynamic duo is striving to provide important road information without the cost of unnecessary distractions leaving the road and drivers on it safer and more informed than before. With helpful alerts like pedestrian in walkway, or stoplight status, you as a driver can make a more informed decision while navigating the road. Less distractions means less accidents.

Real TIme Communication and Translation

The Connected Vehicles app is fully integrated into a pipeline of hardware and software. An onboard unit collects packets of data from the stoplights and other signs emitting them, which are sent at least 10 times per second. Combined with GPS and other data types, the app is responsible for taking those messages and decoding them by using state-approved encryption/decryption protocols. Along with an industry standard of codes and messages, we are able to process those packets into meaningful content like stoplight status and road signs which provide users, in real time, with the important status of the roads around them.

Fully Integrated Smart Vehicles

With the partnership with MH Corbin, Lithios has been able to create some “smart” enhancements to the driving experience of both the average consumer and fleets of state-owned vehicles. As Lithios continues to push the envelope of pairing modern-day transit with cutting edge mobile app development, we aim to be leaders in the software for the transportation industry while interfacing with MH Corbin for the integrated hardware.

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