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Often times mood can be an early indicator of physical or psychological ailments and side effects to medication and drugs. The innovation team at Bayer worked hand in hand with Lithios and the team at DxLabs to design and build a native iOS application designed to make tracking mood seamless and easy. We’ve built a custom mood tracker that simply requires the user to open the app and talk about their day. We use live facial recognition and audio tracking to read-between-the-lines and decipher meaning into what your body is saying. Coupled with a custom pain intensity tracker, we can analyze the facial and audio data to produce a daily mood report and summary. Finally, this is logged in a custom emoji-based calendar so you can quickly scroll through your history of moods.

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Native iOS Emotion Analysis App

The Bayer MeMood app is designed to collect and track your moods through advanced audio and facial emotion analysis. At Bayer, the team is dedicated to patient health and safety and leveraged Lithios to help dig deeper into drug side effects. Through an innovative custom mood calendar, we can track a patient’s mood over time and predict potential health risk through changes in mood. By harnessing the power of native iOS, users can simply look and talk into the phone while tracking pain intensity, while the algorithms produce a robust mood score analysis and report.

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Emotion Analysis Algorithms

Audio Processing

Emotion Analysis

The MeMood uses the incredible data from your live facial stream and live audio stream as well as custom pain indicators to produce a comprehensive mood report. Taking in things such as mouth shape, vocal tone, degree of pain, we can help you understand how you’re feeling. By simply looking and speaking, the app calculates a score and report that is plotted on a custom emoji-calendar so that you can see your mood variances over time. Doctors in turn can look for warning signs in patients in order to provide more accurate and timely treatment and save lives.

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Bayer Mood Calendar Screen

Mood Report

Bayer Mood Report Screen

Pain Entry

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Real Time Facial Detection & Analysis

With the Bayer MeMood app built by Lithios, we harnessed the power of native Apple technology to produce a real-time face detection feature. By simply opening the app and looking into the camera, we can plot your face in real time and analyze every curve, smile, or frown. Through this facial mapping, we are able to integrate with emotion analysis systems to get a live mood detection.

Facial Detection

Facial Detection

Facial Analysis

Voice & Audio Analysis

Through the native iOS app, we are able to tap directly into the internal microphone of the iPhone. The MeMood app asks you to simply open the app and talk about your day. We are able to record the audio and process the waves in your voice via advanced audio-emotional analysis to produce a mood report from your voice.

Audio Capture

Audio Capture

Voice Analysis

The Future of Wellness is Data

As technology advances, we are able to capture and make sense of more and more data. This data allows us to get more predictive and more analytical. Through the Bayer MeMood app, Lithios and Bayer worked together to help use modern mobile technology and apply it to the future of Wellness. At Lithios we care about the impact that our products create and love to work with companies to help them realize their goals.

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