Only Pay Once

I will always remember my grandmother’s famous advice: ‘When you pay for quality, you only pay once.’ Better than a home-made chicken soup recipe, these words of wisdom would prove to be more and more relevant the older I got. Just like the one haircut you decided to settle for a few bucks cheaper, and then had to go back again twice more to get it fixed, the more that’s at stake, the more quality matters the first time. ‘First impressions count’ is a cliche for a reason.

Battle Scars

We’ve seen this time and time again at Lithios. Hungry entrepreneurs strive to find the perfect development team; the one that will go above and beyond to meet their needs and bring their out-of-this-world vision to life. Limited by funding and way too little time, some people turn to outsourcing the development to Eastern Europe or Asia. Then, after the ‘seems too good to be true’ timeline, the innovator gets something in his hands, but not what they were paying for.

– They typically get an app that is not native (blog post coming soon!)

– Doesn’t meet the desired specifications set prior to signing the contract

– And don’t even get me started on what the code looks like…

What’s worse is that the final results are just that, ‘final results’, without any semblance of thought into what the future might hold for this living, breathing, and growing organism out in the wild.

There’s also the other side of the coin. While some amateur mobile development shops will reel people in with their low prices, there are some firms that boast their name and flaunt their brand to the point where it loses its meaning. You’re not paying for quality at that point, you’re paying for brand, for example, Rolex or Jaguar. After all, a snazzy sales team with pretty charts and a fancy office is hard to say no to, right? We think not. We’ve seen very eager and forward-thinking visionaries fall in this trap; signing a contract with a large firm that over promised, under delivered, practically ran away with all of their seed investment, and all but smashed their product along with their dreams.

Cheap is Expensive

Lithios has seen start ups on both of these sides, and they all said the same thing: ‘Being cheap is expensive.’


– Mobile searches overtook web searches on Google in 2015

– Mobile usage is up 300% since 2011

– 21% people will completely drop your app if it fails to impress them the first time; a whopping 84% of people will drop after the second bad impression

– You CANNOT afford to to risk losing users because of a bad product

Given our history with internal products and scalable thinking, we at Lithios make sure that when we deliver your product, it is only after a series of tests, built on scalable architecture fit to expand upon in the future, and a user interface/user experience sprint to make sure your users are satisfied with the app layout.

After working with some clients of ours who have gone through some of these gut wrenching scenarios, we vowed to try and help entrepreneurs. We’ve taken grandma’s advice and hope you do too, because when you pay for quality, you only pay once.

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