Market Research For Your Mobile App

Do you have an idea for a mobile app, but you don’t know where to start? First, it’s important to explore the market to see if your mobile app is a viable idea.

The Problem

Begin with the problem. What problem are you solving? Before you build a mobile app, you have to research the market to see what is already out there. Here are a few tips that we have for performing market research:

Evaluate your competitors

List out the pros and cons of each. How can you differentiate your company?

Interview your potential customers

Find out their pain points. Ask them if your idea helps provide a solution and if they would be willing to buy your product or service.

Present to investors

Get feedback and advice from real investors. Their insight will help you develop a business plan for your mobile app.

Create a pre-launch website

Create a landing page or kickstarter about your idea. Measure how many people are interested. Use a tool like Launch Rock to build it quickly.


In summary, we recommend that you do your market research before building your mobile app. Build it right the first time. To perform market research, we recommend that you:

  • Evaluate your competitors,
  • Interview potential customers.
  • Present to investors
  • Create a pre-launch page
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