Lithios Volunteers at Brooks Elementary Big Idea Week

Lithios Volunteers at Brooks Elementary

At Lithios, we believe in giving back to the community and sharing our knowledge. In April, Lithios was invited out to Brooks Elementary to participate in their Big Idea Week. So it was with great excitement that we got the crew together to go speak to some eager and excited 3rd graders about mobile development and entrepreneurship. You may be asking “What is Big Idea Week?”

Big Idea Week

Big Idea Week connects communities to light the imaginations of students and inspire them to be the next generation of makers and doers. The program:
1. Teaches students to see real-world problems as opportunities for innovation.
2. Supports development of 21st-century skills like the 4 Cs (Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Communication, Creativity).
3. Creates important community connections.
4. Instills responsibility in the tech sector.

Problem > Idea > Product

For our presentation, we taught the kids about how we create and solve problems at Lithios. We framed it into 3 steps that they could understand: Problem, Idea, Product. We do this every day with what we do. When a client comes to us in need of an app or when we decide to create our own app, we start with what is the problem we’re trying to solve? That problem could be as simple as ‘connecting with friends’ or as complex as transportation or healthcare. Once we have identified a problem in an industry, we start the idea phase. This is what we do best at Lithios, innovate and think creatively. After a series of white board sessions, sketches, round table discussions, surveys, and idea validation, we begin building our product.

It was great to teach 3rd graders how they can have a career out of solving problems and making the world a better place. At Lithios we choose to do this with application design and development. Maybe in 10 years they’ll be working along side us to keep solving problems!

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