Former Lithios Client, Offline, Raises 700K

Lithios meets Offline… Look How Far They’ve Come

In 2013, Offline was formed in order to make people aware of the best places and events in their city every weekend. The company developed a web application for users to browse curated events which started gaining traction in the Raleigh area. In 2014 Offline reached out to Lithios in order to build and develop a native mobile application to take their company to the next level. Fast forward a little over a year and we couldn’t be happier to announce that Offline just recently landed $700,000 in funding from strategic investors, including T Michael Holt, who served as senior vice president of sales at Angie’s List as well as Ryan Allis, Michael Olander Jr, Joe Kustelski, and Bill Spruill.


What Does It Do?

Offline is an incredibly beautiful app that shows you the hottest social events in your community in real-time. Through excellent hand crafted and curated content mixed with special technology, Offline is able to make sure you never have to ask the question, “What should I do tonight?”. They display a list of events such as cheap dates, concerts, running trails, and secret gardens, all accompanied by striking images and allow you to “check them off” and share with friends or bookmark them and save them for later.


Why They Are Successful

Offline is a perfect example of how to build an app and startup the right way. They chose the winning process of not skimping out on development and quality and building something that users could fall in love with. Today Offline has surpassed 65,000 users and expanded well beyond the Triangle. We worked hand and hand to make sure the iOS app was done right the first time and that they had a platform that was scalable.


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