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Coworks is coworking space software for community managers.

Lithios is proud to announce that we have launched Coworks, a coworking space software. Coworks is a mobile-first application for managing and using coworking spaces.

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Why did we make a coworking space software?


It’s a new era for the digital worker. Gone are the days of the boxed cubicle. Today’s digital worker is liberated from their desk because of digital interconnectivity. The digital nomad now has access to social media, digital communication, livestreaming, virtual reality and mobile apps. If your digital lifestyle is not limited by a cubicle, why should your workplace be limited to an office desk?


This growth in digital interconnectivity has sparked an increase of nomadic workers who need coworking spaces. Coworking spaces have been rapidly growing in popularity and have more than doubled in volume each year since 2013.


Coworking spaces are not like your traditional offices. Say goodbye to sterile cubicles, say hello to open office communities. Although coworking offices still need traditional printers and coffee makers, they don’t need traditional real estate software because their needs are different.

Unlike traditional real estate, Coworking spaces need software that helps them:

  • Manage Events
  • Recurring and Single day invoicing
  • Gain Members
  • Manage Members (not just tenants)
  • Share resources
  • Book conferences rooms
  • Save them time, so they can create a community

Currently most coworking spaces struggle with “band-aid” solutions to meet their needs. There is software that can meet some of their needs, but there’s not an integrated solution.

They are using:

  • SalesForce for acquiring new members,
  • Google Spreadsheets for listing their members
  • Roomzilla for conference room booking
  • Eventbrite for event management
  • Paypal for invoices.

This is where Coworks comes in. Coworks is an integrated solution that combines the various needs of coworking spaces during each stage of their member’s experience

Coworks: A coworking space software

Remote workers need a mobile experience to accommodate their remote life. Coworks is mobile-first solutions that creates a seamless coworking experience in the palm of your hand. While many piece-meal solutions are attempting to meet some of the software needs of coworking spaces, Coworks is a truly integrated solution that begins with mobile in mind.

A Dashboard Application for Community Managers

Who is booking the conference room today? How much revenue is your space making this month? Coworks lets you get insight and manage your space, right from the dashboard. This allows you to focus on the important things like building your community. Use our dashboard to:

  • Manage Members
  • Plan & Publish Events
  • Book Rooms
  • Share Resources (on how to use the coffee maker…and more)
  • Get Utilization Metrics
  • Invoice your members
  • Collect Payments
  • Integrate with the apps you already use

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Are you a member of a coworking space? Would you love to use this app in your space? Contact us today or share with your community manager

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