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The Top 5 Lithios Virtual Happy Hour Activities

Get Happy Everyone loves a good happy hour. Whether it is getting a drink together at a local bar to blow off some steam or taking a break in the middle of the day to play a game and chat with colleagues, building unstructured time for employees to engage outside of...

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Why We Prefer Figma Over Sketch

A New Industry Standard Being in the tech space means needing to adapt to an ever-changing market of products and tools to facilitate the design and development process. With new software being made to make designing more user friendly and accessible to non-designers,...

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Top Software Trends of 2021

Staying On TopThe software development industry is constantly evolving, and top developers know that keeping up with the latest tools and trends is the key to staying competitive. Despite, or perhaps even due to the volatility created by the ongoing pandemic, several...

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Creating a Documentation System in Notion

Introduction Recently our team decided that we wanted to rethink our internal company documentation to make it easier for current and future employees to understand our organization and see department specific information. To reorganize our documentation, we wanted to...

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