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Only Pay Once

I will always remember my grandmother’s famous advice: ‘When you pay for quality, you only pay once.’ Better than a home-made chicken soup recipe, these words of wisdom would prove to be more and more relevant the older I got. Just like the one haircut you decided to...

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Why Pokemon Go is a Successful Mobile App

A new mobile app has launched and it’s super effective. Here’s our take on the recent launch of the viral mobile app, PokémonGo.  The Pokémon Go app has captured the attention of millions of fans around the world. In just a matter of hours they shot straight to the...

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Lithios Culture: Drinks & Thinks

We have a few fundamental principles we like to endorse at Lithios. Being on the cutting edge of technology and constantly seeking and growing our knowledge base are core to the business we run. As a young startup in its primary development stages, it’s important for...

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Former Lithios Client, Offline, Raises 700K

Lithios meets Offline… Look How Far They’ve Come In 2013, Offline was formed in order to make people aware of the best places and events in their city every weekend. The company developed a web application for users to browse curated events which started gaining...

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Tech Talent South & Lithios

Tech Talent South (TTS) is a program that was recently launched here in Raleigh to address the problem of more people trying to enter the tech industry and become familiar with today’s universal language, coding. They provide courses in various platforms and languages...

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The Lithios Way

  ‘Beautiful code that never sleeps.’ That is the tagline that the original Lithios crew developed to represent not only what we stand for, but also how we accomplish it. For us, this symbolizes a way of life, not simply a work ethic or mission statement – though...

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