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What Ever Happened to Google Glass?

The Goal of Google X Just over a decade ago Google began cooking up several new tech projects under the highly secretive Google X program. This taciturn research and development tech firm, led by computer scientist Sebastian Thrun, actively seeks to find ways that...

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The Importance of Coronavirus Data Tracking

The Escalation of COVID-19 As COVID-19 Coronavirus cases began to escalate in late December of 2019, data analyst companies began to analyze headlines and aggregate data to help monitor working conditions for their employees. When companies such as Tableau began to...

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The Rise of Industry 4.0

A New Digital Industrial RevolutionAs America plunges headlong into the fourth industrial revolution, the very way we live, work, and relate with each other are poised to change on a fundamental level. Even the way we produce and consume goods is set to be heavily...

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