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Smart Cities: The Future of Urban America?

The Digital Age As the world moves headlong into the digital age, a new wave of technology is poised to empower cities across the globe. This technology will integrate into the very infrastructure of cities in order to improve the quality of life for residents. These...

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The Most Interesting New iOT Devices

iOT: A New Field of Technology iOT or ‘internet-of-things’ is a new field of technology that is making huge waves in both the consumer and industrial markets. iOT refers to the introduction of internet connectivity into everyday physical objects. These new gadgets...

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How to Know You Have a Good App Idea

How To Evaluate Your App Idea Mobile Apps are all the buzz these days. Unlike ever before, startup companies can become unicorns (valued at 1 billion or more) using apps as their launchpad. These startups leverage mobile software technology to create beautiful...

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Why UX and UI Design are Inseparable

Designing an App If you are looking to build an app, one critical step of the process is design. While working with designers you’ll hear the terms UX and UI Design thrown around quite often, but what do these words mean and why are they always mentioned together?...

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